Lance Carpenter's Songwriting Contest


Submit your song and you can win one year of music row coaching to help you open the right doors!

Scroll down to find out how you can submit your song. 

About The Contest

Submit your song for review by Lance and the team at Music Row Coach.

Submissions will be through QP, the Social Access platform. Simply follow the steps below to enter your original song for consideration.

The Prizes

🏆 1 Grand Prize Winner
A year of access to Lance's coaching service, Music Row Coach, where Lance shares his exclusive expertise on how to write songs, build connections, and navigate a complicated industry.

🏆 5 Finalists
Five additional winners will receive a personal coaching session from Lance over zoom. Ask him anything, he is here to help you take your career to the next level. 

Submission Criteria

Genre - all genres welcome. 

Format - upload a video, YouTube link, or song file with your lyrics attached to your submission. 

How To Enter

Step 1 | Follow this link

You will be taken to the app store to download QP and set to automatically follow the contest channel.

Desktop - scan QR code
Mobile - tap the button below

Join the QP Channel




Step 2 | Sign up for a free QP account

Enter your email address or phone number, then choose a unique username. Add a photo, the name you want to be found as, and a short blurb about yourself. You can always add it later, but it helps if the judges can out a name and face with the music.


Step 3 | Post to the channel

Once you've completed your account set up, you'll be taken to the Songwriting Contest channel. Tap the large yellow button at the bottom right to add a post. Tap the Audio graphic to get started.

Post - Start


Step 4 | Add a song

Upload your file (.mp3, .wav, .m4a), add a cover image, and paste your lyrics in the caption section. Add a back story if you like. The first audio post on your channel will be entered into the contest, and added to the contest channel.


Check out the other entries!

See what your peers are writing, engage with their content, and build connections through the contest submission page. 


Get To Know Lance

Webinar | July 14th, 2023 - 10:00 AM PST
What would you like to ask a #1 songwriter? In support of the songwriter community, you can rewatch his webinar on songwriting here. 
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Selection Criteria

Winners will be selected based on their melodies, lyrics, and storytelling quality.
Songs at any stage of development can be submitted, whether fully produced with finished instrumentation or still being played in a room on an acoustic guitar or piano.
Submit your recording and lyric sheet, and judges will review your songs. 


We do NOT claim ownership in the materials you submit in conjunction with the Contest. Such materials include written text, images, photos, songs, lyrics, poetry, sounds, musical works, or any other materials (collectively, “Content”) that you display, upload, transfer, publish, or post to, whether public or private. By submitting any Content through the Contest, whether public or private, you hereby grant to us a limited, non-exclusive license to use, stream, transmit, beam, store, publicly display, translate, reproduce, and distribute such Content, in any format, whether known or unknown, including the limited right to use your likeness, persona, logo, trademark, and right(s) of publicity ONLY for purposes of the Contest.

All songs entered must be original compositions with all song authors credited. We require the song to be clearly audible in the recording. This is a song contest, based on lyrical and melodic values, not a singing contest. Songs will be evaluated based on lyrics, melody, and various other musical considerations. Songs WILL NOT be evaluated on recording quality, vocal prowess, or other similar values. We simply require that the recording clearly presents the song in its fullest light. There must be musical accompaniment to the lyric and melody.